Key People

George McKillop

Following thirteen years in the HM Customs & Excise Investigation Division, George McKillop left to pursue a career as a corporate fraud investigator in the private sector. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Haymarket Risk Management Limited, a consultancy which he founded in the 1990’s to provide a top-level service in corporate intelligence and investigation to multi-national clients.

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Edward Wilding

Edward Wilding is a consultant, lecturer and writer specialising in computer fraud investigation, loss prevention and risk mitigation. Over a career spanning twenty years, he's investigated hundreds of incidents of fraud, data theft, IT sabotage and misuse. He also serves as an expert witness in criminal cases, employment tribunals, civil litigation and at official hearings.

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Dennis Willetts

Dennis is responsible for Haymarket’s Technology Investigations portfolio, including computer and network forensics, and cases involving engineering, manufacturing and production systems.

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