Using all the benefits of modern communications and technology, Haymarket Risk Management staff have been set up to work from home over the last year and thus all desk-based research, computer forensics and case management continues as normal during the Covid 19 crisis. 


Field-work is obviously impacted to a degree by the lockdown restrictions but we shall continue to make every effort to provide full client support during this crisis. 


Haymarket is assisting some clients who are suffering skills gaps in internal research resources due to unprecedented sickness levels.  Our researchers are available to assist should your resources be likewise depleted.


In regards to fraud prevention, this is not a time for anyone, in their personal life or in the business world, to take their eye off the ball as fraudsters are, typically, exploiting the crisis through innovative scamming attacks on charities, businesses and individuals and indeed NFIB specifically warns that fraudsters are using the Coronavirus crisis to defraud in various ways.  So please be wary of unsolicited calls asking for personal of financial information and never click on links in emails from unknown sources. 


Should a problem arise, Haymarket is here to help.

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