Haymarket Risk Management

Haymarket Risk Management is a specialist consultancy, which provides global services in fraud prevention, detection and investigation, and investigative due diligence.

Haymarket has a loyal client base including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, global corporations, law firms, banking and financial institutions, insurance groups, retail chains, public sector organisations, government departments and high net worth individuals which have been fostered by Haymarket’s experience, professionalism, integrity and constant attention to detail.

Haymarket’s consulting team comprises former HMRC and Police investigators, corporate fraud and computer crime specialists, forensic accountants and IT Security practitioners. Additional support is provided by research analysts, linguists, forensic examiners and other specialists. An international network of trusted associates and contacts facilitates and expedites global enquiries.

Haymarket keeps abreast of relevant changes in the law, monitors fraud trends, assesses legal remedies and evaluates new equipment, software tools and techniques as they become available to support its intelligence and investigation work. All of the investigative methods and techniques deployed by Haymarket and described in this website are applied in strict conformity with the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates.