• HMRC Football Arrests

    HMRC have made several arrests, and Newcastle United and West Ham United's grounds have been raided in connection with a fraud investigation. You can read more about this story from the BBC by clicking here.

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  • BT Italian fraud crisis

    First it was a black hole in Tesco’s finances, now BT has a serious issue with “Factoring and Leasing” transactions in its Italian operation. These are only two examples of specialist and exotic financial transactions employed by major organisations - to do what? Make the books look better? Hide losses? Achieve the local management’s KPIs? In both examples the organisations have stated integrity principles:

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  • Third party sales agents, facilitation payments and auditors

    Once again a multi-billion euro industry seems to have fallen foul of the US Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010. Recently the media has been reporting on the start of a criminal investigation into the sales practices of Airbus. It has been reported that the SFO have arrested a number of current and former Airbus employees as part of a long running investigation into alleged corruption operating in Saudi Arabia.

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  • A lack of focus

    The recent brouhaha about the resignation of Katrina Percy and her immediate re-instatement in a different role at Southern Health NHS Trust has completely overshadowed a number of worrying relationships.  On the 26th July 2016 the BBC reported that the then Chief Executive, Katrina Percy, was involved in

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