• How Brexit May Leave You Vulnerable to Fraud



    Following last week’s vote it is perhaps worth taking a cynical look at the opportunities presenting themselves to amoral individuals and organised fraudsters.  At this time of great financial volatility beware of the following:


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  • Brexit means less lost to EU Fraud

    Today the UK has decided to leave the European Union.  During the referendum campaign much was said about the cost to the UK of EU Membership but little or no mention was made of how much the UK taxpayers were losing to EU fraud.

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  • Payroll Fraud: How to Start Monitoring Your System

    Payroll fraud accounts for 8% of UK fraud.  This is most certainly an understatement as there is no legal requirement to report such cases and many organisation may talk a good story about “Zero Tolerance”, but when push comes to shove, it is swept under the carpet.

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  • Using Data Analytics to Combat Fraud

    The Metro reported this morning that a “church-going” mum has stolen £34,000 from her employer over five years in overtime expenses. As a wages processor, she had access to the systems and would know what would be acceptable as an overtime payment.

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