• Charity Finance Chief stole £250K

    Last week the Evening Standard carried an article on page 9 about a finance chief who stole £250,000.  There is nothing surprising in this report, it was not earth shattering so not worthy of page 3, nor was it surprising that the organisation was a Charity.  The sad reality is that in many organi

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  • Abuse of Public Funds

    Yet again our elected representatives have fallen short of expected professional and moral standards.  Part of the problem is the concept of “allowances” and the confusion between allowances and expenses.  Strictly speaking an “allowance” is an amount which may be claimed within a

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  • It just got easier!

    The plan to raise the limit for independent external audits from a turnover of £6.5 million to £10.2 million will increase the risk of fraud, or will it?

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