Computer Forensics


The majority of frauds are committed or abetted through the use of computer technology. The corollary of this is that computers record and retain vital evidence of these crimes. Where fraud is suspected, it is imperative that all potentially relevant data is secured at the earliest opportunity and examined for evidence in a logical, systematic and efficient way.


Haymarket deploys the latest computer forensics tools and techniques to support its investigations, with all digital evidence accrued being legally admissible in both civil and criminal proceedings. Cases have included the recovery of data from formatted disks, restoration of deleted files, e-mails and encrypted documents, the detection of computer assisted forgery, data theft, back-dating and fraudulent amendment. Haymarket is regularly retained by law firms to obtain forensic images from computer networks and servers during the execution of Search and Seizure Orders and has the capability to index, sort and analyse vast quantities of data in a range of formats to support electronic disclosure.


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