Haymarket is expert at handling corporate fraud investigations with a methodology which optimises the opportunities to assimilate evidence, take appropriate remedial action and facilitate financial recovery. The key steps are:


i. Covert investigation with suspects still in place and unaware they are under suspicion. This phase typically includes, inter alia, research, analysis, computer forensics and lifestyle checks;


ii. Investigative interviews, which are simultaneous and unannounced, with suspects and witnesses;


iii. Submission of report and evidence bundle for review by the client and their lawyers.


This is a proven methodology via which the full extent of any fraud (usually far greater than initially suspected and often involving parties who were previously unsuspected) can be identified. It avoids the costly mistake of confronting a complicit suspect prematurely, without first securing evidence, which invariably results in incriminating material being concealed or destroyed.


In certain cases there is a necessity to apply to the Courts for injunctions to search and seize further evidence and/or freeze assets. Haymarket has extensive experience in the execution of the various Civil Orders that are available in the UK and other jurisdictions, and liaising with appointed lawyers to ensure the optimal use of these powers.

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